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Pool Table Moving by Elite Above Grounds is an exceptional service that I can wholeheartedly recommend. When it came time to relocate my beloved pool table, I was concerned about the intricacies of the move and the potential for damage. However, Elite Above Grounds completely put my mind at ease.
Alex J.



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Pool Table Moving

Elite Above Grounds is not just a service provider; we are caretakers of your cherished pool table. Understanding the value of your leisure assets, we have refined our pool table moving service to an exact science. With a combination of specialized equipment, expert knowledge, and a commitment to service excellence, we are Atlanta’s go-to for seamless pool table relocation. Our meticulous planning and execution guarantee that your pool table’s integrity and performance are maintained from pickup to placement.

Pool Table Moving - Elite Above Grounds
Pool Table Moving - Elite Above Grounds
Pool Table Moving - Elite Above Grounds

Understanding the Value of Professional Pool Table Moving

Our approach to moving pool tables goes beyond the mere act of transportation. We understand the craftsmanship of your table and the moments it has hosted; we give it the safe handling it deserves. By choosing Elite Above Grounds, you’re not just moving a piece of furniture; you’re relocating a source of joy and connection. This understanding informs every aspect of our service, ensuring that we maintain the value and condition of your pool table throughout the move.

Reliable Pool Table Moving Services

Our reliability stems from a deep-rooted understanding of the nuances involved in pool table moving. Elite Above Grounds has invested in the right tools, training, and techniques to ensure each move is a testament to our name. We don’t just move your pool table; we safeguard it against all potential risks, providing you with peace of mind and a guarantee of unblemished delivery to your new location.

Why Choose Us for Pool Table Moving Services?

Choosing the right movers for your pool table is crucial to ensure its safety and your peace of mind. At Elite Above Grounds, we offer a service that stands out from the rest, with key aspects that make us the preferred choice for pool table moving.

  • Specialized Expertise: Our movers have extensive training in handling pool tables with precision and care.
  • Customized Planning: Every move is tailored to your specific needs and pool table specifications.
  • Safety Assurance: We use industry-leading practices to ensure your pool table is protected at every step.
  • Reliable Scheduling: We value your time and provide punctual service that fits your busy lifestyle.
  • Transparent Communication: You’ll be informed and in control throughout the moving process.

Expert Handling and Transportation

Your pool table is in safe hands with Elite Above Grounds. Our moving team is not just skilled in general moving techniques; they specialize in the art of pool table relocation. We apply precision in disassembly, careful padding and wrapping of components, and use only the most suitable vehicles for transportation, ensuring each part of your table is secured and arrives in pristine condition.

Comprehensive Moving Solutions

Our comprehensive solutions cover every aspect of the moving process. We meticulously plan the disassembly, protective packing, careful transportation, and skillful reassembly of your pool table. Our team manages the intricacies of each step with professionalism, leaving no detail to chance. From heavy lifting to fine-tuning, we do it all, allowing you to focus on planning your next pool party.

Personalized Service Experience

Our service philosophy is grounded in customization and responsiveness. We understand that no two pool table moves are the same, just as no two clients have the same needs or schedules. That’s why we take the time to understand your specific requirements and adapt our services accordingly. Our responsive service ensures you’re kept in the loop, making the moving experience stress-free and personalized.

Safeguarding Your Pool Table

We believe that moving your pool table is more than a logistical task; it’s about preserving a piece of your home’s entertainment legacy. Our meticulous handling and robust protective measures ensure that the essence and beauty of your pool table are maintained. Elite Above Grounds moves your table with an understanding of its importance to your family’s entertainment and memories.

The Best Pool Table Moving Service

Elite Above Grounds is distinguished by its exceptional service, which is the culmination of meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Our team’s dedication to excellence is evident in every aspect of our service. When you choose Elite Above Grounds, you’re not just getting the best in pool table moving; you’re becoming part of a legacy of satisfied clients who value superior service.


Hearing from our satisfied customers not only fills us with pride but also tells a story of our dedication to service excellence. Here’s what some of our clients have to say about their experience with Elite Above Grounds’ Pool Table Moving Services:

When Elite Above Grounds moved our antique pool table, they handled it with such care it seemed like they were moving a piece of fine art. They are true professionals!

George A.

Elite Above Grounds made the daunting task of moving our family’s beloved pool table seem effortless. Their attention to detail and professionalism were unmatched!

Carlos D.

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Your pool table deserves the best, and Elite Above Grounds is here to deliver just that. Reach out today for unparalleled pool table moving services. From the first inquiry to the final placement, we are dedicated to providing a smooth, efficient, and memorable moving experience. Trust us to move your table—and your game—forward.